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Checking for Water Leaks With Confidence | SERVPRO of Allen

1/2/2024 (Permalink)

close up of condensation on window pane and ledge Water damage can happen anywhere in your home. Call SERVPRO of Allen to restore water damage on your property 24/7, 365.

How many times a week do you run your dishwasher? How often do you run a warm bath for your kids? We use water every day in our households, and we are incredibly grateful for the easy access to water whenever we need it.

Unfortunately, since water is easily accessible and is constantly flowing in and out of our homes, that means that water leaks are also a common occurrence. Knowing where to start looking for leaks is crucial toward catching an issue at the start and preventing serious damage.

Under Cupboards and Sinks

Water flows down drains every day in your house, and that water has to go somewhere! Water lines coming out of your sinks and dishwashers can easily malfunction and cause leaks, and oftentimes these leaks go unnoticed if they start inside a cupboard or kitchen cabinet.

Once the water has started to leak, it can soak into your cupboards, get behind your walls and leak under your floors. Try to get in the habit of checking your water lines often, and run your hands along the pipes to check for residual moisture. If you do discover water, tighten up loose connections or recaulk old seals after cleaning up the mess.

Beneath Certain Appliances

Not all of the appliances in our homes rely on water to function, but the ones that do are used often, if not every day. Water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers all play vital roles in our days, which means they can also malfunction and cause leaks without much warning.

If a leak does start, it will most likely be coming from under or behind the machine, making it harder to notice right away. Pull your machines away from the wall whenever you are deep-cleaning a space to check for water spots, mold growth or new puddles.

Behind the Walls

If a leak starts out in the open, that water will eventually get to a place where it can be hard to dry out in your home. Behind walls and under floors are often tricky places to access without the proper tools or equipment. Once it starts to leak, it can cause some serious structural damage and spark mold infestations.

If you start to smell what could be mold or mildew or a spot on your wall is suspiciously becoming darker than the rest of the area, it’s time to do some investigating.

Around Exterior Windows

As temperatures rise and fall throughout the season, it can be common to have condensation appear on your windows. If it lingers too long or there is too much of it, it can drip down onto your windowsills and warp the wood and surrounding area.

Moisture can also get into your home via any tiny gaps or cracks around your windows and doors. Even the smallest air leak can quickly lead to moisture troubles, so check your exterior walls and doors often for signs of wear and tear.

SERVPRO of Allen is here for you if you do discover water damage! Our team will get right to work drying out your home and addressing repairs. Call us day or night for quick assistance.

Don’t ignore signs of water damage! Call SERVPRO® for a quick restoration.

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