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Spring Is on the Way! Is Your Home Ready for the Rain? | SERVPRO® of Allen

3/24/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”sky” alt = "dark stormy clouds forming into a spring storm ” > SERVPRO of Allen team is always here for you, if you experience any storm damage call us right away.

Spring is coming fast, and we are definitely looking forward to the return of those warm Texas days that we love so much. While you are busy with your spring-cleaning and getting ready for a spring and summer of fun, it is important to get your house ready for the change in weather as well.

Spring brings warm temperatures, but it also brings back our heightened risk of storms, heavy rain and tornadoes.

We want to help you keep any rain out of your home and help protect your home against storm damage! Taking the time to prepare your home and address any issues or damage now can help keep you safe when the first spring storm comes to town.

Clean Up Your Property

The winter season brought all kinds of things to us this year! Severe storms, wind, rain and even that crazy ice storm made our winter season very memorable. Because of all of this weather, it is important that you check your gutters to remove blockages or debris buildup. If your gutter system can’t function normally, any rain we get will have nowhere to go and will pool on your roof and leak into your attic.

It is also important to clear off any vents that are on the outside of your property. Any sort of debris blockages can make it hard for your appliances and HVAC system to work properly, which can cause malfunctions and even be dangerous to your family’s health. Focus on areas like your furnace and dryer vents.

With the dip in temperatures that we saw in late January, it is possible that your outdoor water lines froze. If you have any leaks or visible cracks along your outdoor water lines or water faucets, address the issue right away and repair the crack to prevent a larger water disaster from occurring.

Fixing What You Find

Home maintenance can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked during the winter season. If you don’t spend as much time outside, it can be harder to notice damage if you aren’t looking for it! Now is a great time to inspect your your roof and siding to catch any issues before the first storm comes.

A single missing shingle or broken siding panel can introduce water into your walls that can spread quickly. The earlier you catch the damage, the greater chance you have of preventing a larger water leak or disaster.

Preparing for Storms

Now it’s time to turn your attention inside your home! If you have a sump pump, make sure that it is working or have a professional come out to do an annual inspection on it. When the first spring rain storm comes through, you want your sump pump to be in top working condition to avoid a flooded basement.

Update your storm safety plan, clear out your safe shelter location, and repack your emergency kit. If you had used anything in it over the winter season, it is important that you replace what you took out. Also, throw in a couple extra fresh batteries, just in case. Finally, make sure you have multiple reliable ways of receiving weather alerts and update any contact information for your family and friends.

If your home still suffers water or storm damage this spring, don’t hesitate to give us a call. The team at SERVPRO of Allen is trained to handle any sort of home damage that you have. We will work hard to help restore your home quickly so you can get back to your regular life fast.

Got water damage? We are here to help 247 and can restore your home quickly.

Spring Showers and Other Weather Hazards | SERVPRO® of Allen

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

"an image with a cloudy, rainy, sunny and snowy sky" Extreme temperature changes can lead to the possibility of severe weather. SERVPRO of Allen is a click away if you experience any damage.

We live in the one of the largest nations in the world. When you have such a large area, “seasonal weather” can mean a multitude of things. With everything so spread out, it means that certain areas of the country experience different weather patterns, as well as different weather threats.

With spring upon us, it’s safe to assume that warm and air will collide and can cause weather events all throughout the nation. That’s why you must stay prepared, and keep in mind the particular type of weather we experience here in Allen.

Take the Pacific Northwest, for example—it is prone to heavy rain over the spring months. This can cause flooding and water damage issues for area residents. The higher elevations will still be dealing with snow, which means that the snow melting and runoff can cause problems of its own.

When you think of the Upper Midwest and Northeast regions, you know it’s still quite cold there. People who live anywhere from Maine to North or South Dakota will expect cold weather to the point that they could still be dealing with snowstorms and blizzards! It’s as if their spring season doesn’t start until early summer.

Unlike the previously mentioned regions, the southern West Coast will already have to be on the lookout for excessive heat waves. These heat waves can be incredibly dangerous to the lives and safety of residents.

From where we are located, Texas, all the way to Iowa, residents will need to watch out for windstorms, derechos and the risk of wildfires. These can easily be spread by winds and dry season. This part of the country is also known as Tornado Alley, which is where tornadoes are particularly common.

Then you have the Southeast region, which will experience a wide range of severe weather. People in this area are likely to see everything from tornadoes and severe thunderstorms to dangerous rip currents or early-season hurricanes.

As you can tell, it doesn’t matter what part of the country you live in, hazardous weather is a real threat to every portion. While you may be experiencing a lovely spring afternoon, with the right amount of wind, your neighbor one state over could be experiencing the blizzard of a lifetime. That’s why you need to stay prepared and ready, because Mother Nature can’t be controlled.

If extreme weather leaves you with damage from water, fire or other elements, help is a click away. Contact SERVPRO for fast, expert recovery.

Why SERVPRO® Offers the Performance You Need | SERVPRO® of Allen

10/21/2020 (Permalink)

front porch of residential property in need of repairs, restoration and deep cleaning SERVPRO of Allen is your local restoration expert. Whether you've had a fire, flood or other disaster we are here to restore and clean-up. Contact us

Ever heard of a triple threat? In the show-business world, that’s someone who can dance, act and sing…an all-around performer.

Well, in the cleaning and restoration world, we’re proud to be a triple threat. We perform in every aspect of the business: our expertise, our teamwork and our rapid, round-the-clock service. Let us tell you more.

The Science of Cleaning

If you’ve spent hours of your life toiling with a mop and bucket, you may think cleaning is anything but a science. However, there’s a lot to learn about cleaning.

Just in terms of chemistry alone, there’s a whole field of knowledge studying which products work against which germs, such as COVID-19. Industries such as the CDC set standards for cleaning—standards which we follow.

We don’t just throw soap and water at your business. We study the science, then obtain the necessary certifications, so you’ll know we’re cleaning effectively for your particular situation.

Our Team Includes You

In earlier blogs, we’ve told you about our dedicated crews. Now let us add one more person: YOU.

Whether we’re creating an ongoing plan for your business or meeting an emergency need, we consult with you before a project and then circle back to make sure we’re doing a great job.

24-Hour Service

Our workers are here for you around the clock. Whether you’ve had a fire, flood or other disaster, we show up when you need us to take care of the clean-up and restoration. Our highly trained technicians will take your call, assess your situation and provide advanced services to get you back in business again with minimal time lost.

Now that you’ve learned why we’re a triple threat, keep SERVPRO® of Allen in mind. Whether you want a regular Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned visit or have an emergency need, you can contact us at any hour for assistance.